Phil Spencer says Halo TV series still in the works

Michael Cottuli

Halo is no stranger to live action series and films – usually coming out on the internet. Forward Unto Dawn and Halo: Nightfall  were both excellent examples that the extensive lore that serves as the backdrop to Xbox’s biggest franchise can easily support different types of media. With that in mind, it’s strange to think that the Halo TV series announced way back in 2013 still hasn’t gotten its time in the spotlight. In fact, we’ve gotten almost no confirmation that the series is still alive.

Those of us that have had our fingers crossed for the project to succeed have recently gotten a bit of hope, however. Responding to someone on Twitter, Phil Spencer – Head of Xbox – gave us a fairly definite answer as to the status of the show.

No room for interpretation here. The Halo series is alive and well, and it’s not going anywhere. Of course, the response doesn’t really tell us anything else. We’ve got no idea about the release window, the story, the actors, whether the show will air on a network or be Xbox exclusive, or any of the nitty gritty details that a lot of fans are still chomping at the bit to get some information about. While the radio silence regarding Halo’s series is a little bit frustrating, however, Spencer’s confirmation here can give the community a collective sigh of relief.

It’s been a long, long time since the Halo series was announced, so the clock is still ticking on getting the thing out there. Hopefully, Steven Spielberg and his team can get the thing out sooner rather than later. Currently, IMDB has the series listed for 2017, though we don’t have any confirmation about that being an accurate time frame.