Microsoft Makes Fun of Google’s Gmail


Microsoft recently held an event called the Microsoft Global Exchange sales conference. At this conference, one of the attendees managed to snag a very special and funny sales video that pokes fun at Google’s Gmail.

The video is called “Gmail Man” and is intended to show you just how much Google cares more about advertising revenue than privacy. Ouch.

Microsoft makes fun of a few Gmail features such as “Gmail Ads learning from your inbox” by poking fun at how Google scans your email content as a part of its advertising system.

Mary Jo Foley contacted Microsoft to ensure its authenticity but received a “no comment” from the company. Foley believes it is a real video due to the fact that the video features a fake company name “Contoso”, which is used by Microsoft for all their product demos.

Google and Microsoft have gone at it for a little while now over many of their products. Shan Sinha, Google’s Apps Product Manager, posted a blog post a while back giving users many reasons NOT to use Microsoft’s new Office 365. Office 365 is for individuals while Google Apps is meant for teams, was one of the reasons. Office 365 is built for Microsoft while Google Apps is built for choice. Office 365 has 11 different plans with three different editions and two tiers. Google Apps is $5/month with no commitment. While Office 365 is about the desktop, Google Apps is about the web.