Microsoft Launches Kinect Sparkler for Xbox 360


Today, Microsoft has announced the availability of Kinect Sparkler, which lets players use their fingers to draw sparkling lines that whirl glowing, gold stars in front of, behind, and around 3-D photographs of themselves.

Recently, Microsoft announced the Kinect Avatar, which allows a gamer to personalize their Kinect avatar to interact with other gamers. This new feature utilizes the Kinect camera to track a gamer’s facial expressions and display them on the avatar.

“Avatar Kinect and Sparkler are fun, creative experiences that allow consumers to get a sneak preview of cutting-edge Kinect technologies today instead of waiting until it’s in full-blown games,” said Eric Lang, General Manager for the Microsoft Startup Business Group.

“We think these are very interesting and important capabilities for the platform – if you think about gaming, it’s all about making the experience more immersive. Some of this technology may be realized in games farther in the future, but we worked on these Fun Labs projects to offer a compelling, fun and cool experience that we could deliver today, using the power of Kinect.” said Umaimah Mendhro, a Senior Product Manager for Microsoft Startup Business Group.

These avatars can be shared on the Fun Labs Live friends feed, or uploaded to