Microsoft launches new PC vs. Mac site


Microsoft is attempting to stem the continuous growth of Mac computer sales with the launch of a new PC vs. Mac site. The site, targeted at Canadian buyers, asks users to “do the math” before selecting their next computer.

The site allows users to pick any Mac system and compare the specs and price to similar Windows-based systems. Microsoft is hoping to convince buyers that Windows-based systems offer much better value while still delivering the same performance and features that users can expect on Apple systems. By providing a variety of choices from different OEMs, users can choose systems based on the features that are most important to them such as battery life, weight, and screen size.

With Apple systems being most targeted at the premium ($999+) sector of computer sales, Microsoft’s PC vs. Mac site does a good job in highlighting the value of selecting a Windows-based system. Whether users are convinced to make the switch or choose Windows over Mac will also depend on the support of the ecosystem and the enthusiasm for the platform.