Microsoft is showing more email ads in Outlook on iOS and Android, there’s a (paid) way to get rid of them

Kevin Okemwa

Outlook for Android

If you are using Outlook Mobile for Android or iOS, then there is a high probability that you have come across ads in your inbox. Users have lodged their complaints regarding the move and highlighted how it is affecting them (via The Verge.)

Outlook users on Android and iOS can organize their inboxes using two formats. First up, the user can decide to use it in single mode where everything is bundled up together. They can also opt for a tabbed inbox that is split into two categories — “Focused” with important mail and “Other” with everything else.

Previously, ads only featured in the “Other” tab, but as it now seems Microsoft is now including them in single-inbox mode as well. This essentially means that ads will appear for free users both on single and “Other”. However, Microsoft’s spokesperson, Caitlin Roulston indicated that free users could enable the ‘Focused inbox’ feature to restrict ads to the “Other” inbox.

As it is, the only plausible option that you can use to completely prevent ads from popping up in your inbox is to pay for a Microsoft 365 subscription. In other Outlook related news, there was a bug that was causing it to crash on Windows right after launching.