Microsoft Health app gets Lose It! support and more

Michael Cottuli

Microsoft Health, an app for Windows Phone meant for helping users maintain numerous aspects of their health, has received an update. The update adds a few new features and quality of life changes, including a new live tile that keeps track of important information, Cortana integration, and integration with the weight loss app Lose It! Along with the additions to the app itself, Microsoft Health now lets you post some of your achievements straight to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

The full change log is as follows:

  • Share your achievements – Share your activity details and charts on Facebook, email, text, or your favorite social network.
  • Weight loss with Lose it! – Get help losing weight from Microsoft Band and the weight-loss app Lose It! Start now for a free month of Lose it! Premium.
  • Connect with Cortana – Enable your Microsoft Health account in your Cortana Notebook to get steps, calories, and actionable insights directly from Cortana.
  • Microsoft Health live tile – Pin Microsoft Health to your Windows Phone home screen to see your current step count, calories burned, and Microsoft Band battery level.
  • Bug fixes

Microsoft Health’s new changes are fairly significant, and should help Microsoft Health users maintain their health in the Microsoft ecosystem better than they ever could before. The addition of Lose It! in the app helps Microsoft Health really focus on helping users lose weight, and the integration with social networks are a fantastic incentive for social people to continue working towards their goals in the interest of sharing them with their friends. With any luck, more significant features can be added to the app to make it a truly useful companion to health-minded individuals using Microsoft Band, or even just a Windows Phone.