Microsoft has optimized OneDrive for MacOS on Apple M1 Macs

Kareem Anderson

Slowly but surly Microsoft has optimized its native OneDrive app for macOS to support Apple’s M1 PCs. While Microsoft had been quick to announce it would work to engineer its apps supported Apple’s new M1 silicon, it wasn’t until a few months ago that a native OneDrive app showed up for preview for some users. Fortunately, the beta testing period is done and a broader distribution of the native client is under way with Insiders free to head to the Mac App Store to upgrade their OneDrive client as early as today.

According to the Microsoft OneDrive blog the update comes with a new additional perk, Folder Backup (Known Folder Move) support for macOS Monterey 12.

This implies that people using OneDrive on macOS Monterey 12 will be able to move their Desktop and Document folders to OneDrive.  We have Users can continue accessing folders they’re familiar with to do their daily work and be assured that their data is backed up and secure.

thumbnail image 2 captioned Known Folder Move for macOS

Folder Backup (Known Folder Move) will also enable macOS users to access their most important files across different devices and applications with no disruption to productivity, because their content is automatically synced to OneDrive. In addition, users will be able to securely share their data within and outside their organization, increasing collaboration.

As previously mentioned, the update will be rolling out to macOS Monterey 12.1 users and free data backup or sync protection for up to 5GB of file storage without a subscription to Office 365.