Microsoft has open-sourced 3D emoji, creators can now customize them

Kevin Okemwa

You can finally incorporate 3D emoji into your projects without any limitations. Microsoft announced that they are open sourcing 1,538 emojis under the MIT open-source license, and creators on both Figma and Github will be able to customize and remix them based on their preferences. (via The Verge)

Here’s what Jon Friedman, Microsoft’s CVP of design and research said about open-sourcing 3D emojis during an interview with the Verge:

The idea kinda just started popping around, and it aligned with our belief and perspective that the more open source we are internally and externally, the more product excellence we can build, and the more relevant we can be for all of humanity.

You may notice that three emojis are missing: Clippy as well as two additional emojis that bear the Windows logo.  This is because they are trademarked. Microsoft has not indicated whether the emojis that creators recreate across these platforms will be widely available.

Microsoft aims to create more openness through this move, where creators will be able to express themselves through their work and allow them to recreate these designs however they deem fit. They also aim to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of hybrid work based on the fact that a lot of organizations took to remote working when the pandemic hit. This way employees will be able to express themselves better in text, we saw 3D emojis making their way to Microsoft Teams in preview earlier this year.