Apparently Elden Ring, GTA V cloud listings were due to a “bug,” according to Microsoft

Robert Collins

Gta V

Sometimes the gaming news stinks. We reported earlier that Xbox Cloud Gaming could possibly add support for two blockbuster titles: Elden Ring and Grand Theft Auto V. The news came from listings on the Xbox dashboard, which also listed the games as available on Xbox Game Pass.

Apparently, these listings were a “bug.” This is according to a Microsoft spokesperson, who said in a statement to Eurogamer, “We’re aware of a bug that incorrectly displayed some titles as available with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. We rolled out a fix and this is now updated.”

That is the part where the news stinks. It would have been pretty sweet to see those games—along with Sega’s Soul Hacker 2, which was also listed as part of this glitch—not only come to Game Pass but also be playable via Xbox Cloud Gaming. Many were speculating that these additions would be announced at the upcoming Gamescom 2022 event later this month. Alas, no.

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