Microsoft Garage's Home Team is a new social app launching first on Windows Phone



Microsoft Garage has rolled out several apps over the past year, mostly on Android or iOS. This time, however, a new social app has been released and it has been made available on Windows Phone first (for once). The app is called Home Team and lets users find and share recommendations for electricians, stylists, babysitters, tax accountants, and much more. Here’s the app description:
“Home Team enables users to get and share word of mouth recommendations for service professionals (plumber, electrician, stylist, dog walker, etc.). When selecting someone to work on your home, manage your look, or care for your loved ones, we all prefer to find a great recommendation from a friend or colleague. Home Team enables you to connect directly with friends and colleagues to get those great recommendations. You can directly connect with friends from Facebook, or join a work network to share recommendations with colleagues.”
Key features of the app include:

  • Manage your team. Home Team will help you to centralize and manage your “team” of service providers so you don’t have to dig through your contacts for that electrician you used two years ago.
  • Get recommendations. Directly connect with people you trust to share valuable recommendations for a lawn care specialist, auto mechanic, or fishmonger!
  • Share with co-workers. Join a work network to seek out and share

You can snag the app below. The design of the app is beautiful but it tends to crash quite a bit, at least for me. Give it a shot and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Price: Free