Cortana won't hit Xbox One until 2016

Michael Cottuli

The Xbox One is getting a huge update this November, finally bringing Windows 10 to the console and entirely reworking its user interface. The new update is looking great, and the Windows 10 integration looks to be pretty comprehensive – with the exception of Cortana, which won’t be making the journey to Xbox this November along with the rest of Windows 10.
Cortana is going to be put into the preview build of the Xbox experience later this year, but the general public isn’t going to be able to use the personal assistant until some point in 2016. It’s a bit of a disappointment to see that we’ll have to wait to be able to use Cortana on Xbox, but it’s good to see that the folks at the Xbox team are using their preview program to its full potential. Hopefully, the preview version of Cortana that we get later this year is going to help Xbox improve Cortana for the general public.