Microsoft extends its ‘iPad for $200 minimum’ trade-in promotion until the end of the year


Microsoft company logo

Back in early September of this year, we learned that Microsoft was offering iPad owners the ability to trade in their iPad for a minimum of $200. This promotion was set to expire on October 27th but has now been extended until December 31st of this year.

This promotion is part of Microsoft’s Recycle for Rewards program and now ends on December 31st. Typically, the Recycle for Rewards program allows people to trade in their old device for a gift card, whether it be an Xbox, tablet, smartphone, etc. The gift card amount varies by the value of the eligible trade-in.

This $200 promotion offers a minimum of $200 for an eligible iPad and the gift card can be used towards a Surface or any Microsoft Store product. After December 31st, the guaranteed minimum of $200 for an iPad will no longer be offered, rather, the ‘industry standard trade-in value’ of the device will be given.

If you are looking to get rid of your iPad, whether it be the iPad 2, iPad 3, or iPad 4, simply head over to your local Microsoft Store and go snag your $200 credit towards a Surface purchase. This promotion isn’t surprising as Microsoft has been on a massive campaign to downplay the iPad’s features compared to the Surface, as evident in recent videos.

Thanks for the tip, Markus!