Microsoft apparently packaging up popular mobile sites as Windows Phone ‘WebApps’


Microsoft Windows Phone re-invented

In an attempt to woo developers into creating apps for the Windows Phone platform, Microsoft has apparently ‘repackaged’ popular mobile websites into what the company calls ‘webapps’ for Windows Phone. In essence, these so-called apps simply offer you the mobile website, but do not offer you the native app experience.

“We are helping people access great mobile experiences on Windows Phone by creating pinnable Web Apps that show up in the app list. These are not a replacement for native apps. In most cases we hope that usage of the Web App will encourage the ISV to publish its own native app,” Microsoft explained.

These “apps” are from Microsoft WebApps and there are around fifty of these free apps available for download in the Windows Phone Store. Some of the apps include TMZ,, PetSmart, The Food Network, and more. Some of these apps even have high ratings.

It seems that Microsoft is desperately trying to add more apps into its Windows Phone Store in an attempt to woo developers into creating apps for a seemingly flourishing ecosystem and woo consumers into purchasing Windows Phone devices at the same time. At least, that’s how this seems.

Hit the download link and try out some of these apps on your Windows Phone device. See how you like them then decide if these so-called apps are worth being in the Windows Store.