Microsoft expands AI-powered Bing Chat to mobile browsers, but there’s a twist

Devesh Beri

the new Bing

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As we posted about Microsoft’s six-month celebrations for the reinvention of search with the new AI-powered Bing and Edge, we wanted to focus on one important bit. Microsoft is set to launch its AI-powered Bing Chat on mobile browsers, expanding beyond its standalone Android and iOS apps introduced in February. Initially launched exclusively on Microsoft Edge, Bing Chat has been progressively opening up to wider browser support. Chrome and Safari desktop browsers gained access in July, paving the way for an even broader reach.

The Bing team announced the upcoming expansion in a blog post, highlighting new features such as summarized answers and image creation. This development aims to showcase Bing’s versatility to a wider audience.

The company, however, cautioned users that the optimal experience would still be found in the Microsoft Edge browser and that Edge users would gain access to extended conversations, chat history, and additional integrated Bing features.

Since its debut, Bing Chat has fueled impressive growth for Microsoft Edge, spanning nine consecutive quarters. The previous exclusivity strategy contributed to this trend. Bing Chat has facilitated over 1 billion chats and generated over 750 million images.

via TechCrunch