Introducing Microsoft Edge Dev Channel 119.0.2132, avatar editing available

Devesh Beri


The latest update, number 119.0.2132, for the Microsoft Edge Dev Channel is now available. This update introduces several new features and improvements to enhance the browser’s reliability. While there are a few new features, we’ve hand-picked the ones we believe are the most important. You can find a full list of features here.

New features

    • Add to the favorites feature in the right-click context menu.
    • New tab group icon in the quick tab actions menu
    • Function to move all items past a certain index into a submenu
    • Codex supports landscape mode on Android.

Improved reliability

    • Fixed browser crashes when clicking on a credit card field or opening the favorites bar side panel
    • Fixed the tab key not working correctly in the address bar
    • Fixed spacing issue caused by tab group minor text
    • Fixed NPE crash for desktop site mode on Android

Changed behavior

    • Allow editing avatars in associated profiles.
    • Allow users to save the shopping shoreline icon state.
    • Fixed issue where users could not copy using CTRL+C when “Mini menu on text selection” is enabled
    • Fixed bugs with Fluid containers, workspaces, Omnibox notifications, split screen, tab suggestions, page translation, keyboard focus, and tab groups

Overall, this is a minor update focusing on bug fixes and reliability improvements. There are a few new features as well, but nothing major. If you are experiencing any issues with Microsoft Edge, I recommend installing this update to see if it resolves them.