Microsoft Edge crashes mid-presentation forcing Microsoft employee to download Google Chrome

Arif Bacchus

microsoft, edge windows 10 isos

With the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Microsoft did a lot of work under the hood to make their own Edge web browser more reliable and stable, but as great as the enhancements are, the browser still does not always play nice with some web pages. A Microsoft employee found this out the hard way when he was forced to pause an Azure related presentation at Microsoft Ignite and download Google Chrome just because Edge kept crashing (via Reddit)

Veritably themed towards showing how potential Azure customers could migrate their applications, data, and workloads to the Microsoft Azure Cloud, the presentation took a turn for the interesting when Edge didn’t play nice with the employee. Microsoft actually uploaded the entire presentation to YouTube, complete with the part where the employee downloads Google Chrome, check it out below at the 37-minute mark.

You can tell that the Microsoft employee tried to be patient with Edge for a bit, but no matter how long he waited, it still would not load up the content he was looking for. Getting a bit hesitant he finally gives up and summons a Cortana search to download Google Chrome to finish the presentation, joking “I always love it when demos break.”

Kudos to the employee, though, as he handled the situation well. He apologizes and laughed right along with the audience as the download started, saying “we’re going to not help make Google better” as the setup process initiates. He even attempts to explain the situation, remarking, “the Edge on these machines are locked down a little bit, and there are some things that just don’t work a little.”

Despite this blunder, Edge is still a great and very secure browser. Some of our writers actively use it for writing duties here at OnMSFT without issue, and our own Kareem Anderson recently wrote about how he uses Microsoft Edge for everything.