Microsoft designs Surface Pro LTE for “New Culture of Work”

Arif Bacchus

Early this morning at Future Decoded, Microsoft took the wraps off the long-anticipated Surface Pro LTE Advanced. To pair up with the hardware announcement, the company detailed that the Surface Pro LTE Advanced is part of “a new culture of work,” helping “empower employees with modern devices” at a time when many companies are facing the challenges of the digital transformation in the UK.

According to Microsoft, half of the global workforce will be mobile by 2020, and the office is no longer just a building. As a result, many customers have told the company that Surface is a mobile office, and there is more emphasis than ever to be creative and collaborate.  Microsoft delivered on the needs, with Surface Pro LTE Advanced saying that it is an “exciting time” to be at the “forefront” of the new culture.

“The new culture of work will require devices with more performance and more versatility, without sacrificing beautiful design. The Surface family has been designed to engage and inspire employees. To help people bring ideas to life. It’s why we do what we do, it’s what drives us because we believe your people are at the core of your business success. Your people and their ideas are your company’s most precious asset and this transformation starts with people.”

Microsoft is also sharing that the company “obsesses” over the details, wanting everyone to love their product, helping them “meet workforce expectations” to “attract and retain the best talent.” They shared the following statistics via a survey relating to the use of Microsoft’s Surface in business.

On Productivity:

  • 91% of workers say Surface helps them express their creative ideas more effiectivley
  • 96% say Surface makes them more produtive
  • 76% experience faster produtivity performing complex operating on Surface

On Talent:

  • 94% say Surface makes them feel like their company is investing in them

Why This Matters:

  • 15% of organizations plan to increase their investments in Microsoft SUrface PCs— and only 8% in Apple laptops and PCs
  • More than 50% of the Fortune 100 use Surace Hub to improve innovation, collobaoration, and capturue new ideas

Shipping starting December 1st in the UK, the Surface Pro LTE Advanced will no doubt be a help to many of these companies in meeting expectations and getting onboard with the digital transformation. Be sure to keep tuned to OnMSFT all day long today, as there no doubt will be plenty more Surface news to come from Future Decoded.