Microsoft Edge and Cortana aim to help you with your holiday shopping

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Edge logo

With Thanksgiving now just a few days away here in the United States, the holiday shopping season is creeping up on those looking to purchase gifts for themselves or friends and family. So, if you’re aiming to get the most out of your holiday shopping, and also save time and money, you might want to turn to the power of Microsoft Edge and Cortana.

The ways to get the most out of your holiday shopping are highlighted by Microsoft in a new post to the Windows Experience Blog. We’ve given the post a look and have included the details for you below.

Cortana can help you find coupons, search images, and remind you of sales!

Cortana in Edge

As seen in the graphic above, when you enable Cortana on Windows 10, Cortana will pop up near the address bar of the Microsoft Edge Browser. Using Cortana in Edge you can get alerted about deals and coupons from the websites such as Macys, Kohls, and other retailers (currently a US Only feature.) Even more so, when you’re in the middle of shopping, if you right click on an image, and choose “Ask Cortana,” you find similar images and details on pricing and alternate places to buy the pictured item.

Lastly, when you’re in the middle of browsing for those sales, you can use Cortana to remind you of an upcoming sale. All it takes to use this feature is to select the text on the page you’re browsing, click or touch the Share icon in the top-right corner of Microsoft Edge and select Cortana reminders.

Download Edge Extensions for personal shopping assistants, and saving gift ideas

Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant

The Windows Store currently offers up many free Microsoft Edge Extensions which enhance the browsing and holiday shopping experience. The first extension which can help you this holiday season, though, is the Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant. As seen above, this extension remembers the products you browse and purchase, which means you can easily come back to them later.

Next up is the Amazon Assistant, which will let you save money by comparing prices, and getting notifications for deals. Last, but not least, is the Pinterest Save Button, which will make it easier to collect photos, recipes or gift ideas that you want to look at later.

Will you be using any of these Extensions this holiday season in your shopping? How have you been using Cortana on Windows 10? Let us know what you think by dropping us a comment below!