Microsoft ditches Xbox Console Companion App for new Xbox App

Devesh Beri

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Microsoft is discontinuing support for the Xbox Console Companion app, and replacing it with the newer Xbox app. The original app, launched in 2014 and allowed Xbox gamers to access features from their Xbox One consoles on PC. After Microsoft discontinued Xbox One SmartGlass in 2016, the Xbox app became the main option for connectivity between Xbox One and Windows PCs. It allowed users to browse and purchase games, view achievements, and access Xbox Live community content.

The Xbox app was later rebranded as the Xbox Console Companion app in 2019, preparing for the integration of PC Game Pass. The app’s official support page reveals it will be deprecated on August 28. After this date, it won’t be available for download, and users may be unable to sign in due to server shutdown.

Microsoft encourages users to download the new Xbox app to continue accessing Xbox services and communities on Windows. The Xbox Console Companion website redirects to the Xbox app website for downloads. Windows 11 installations will include the Xbox app; no separate download is necessary.

Fans who have supported the Xbox Console Companion app for nearly eight years may be disappointed by the lack of a public announcement earlier in the year. The shutdown won’t affect Xbox Game Pass subscriptions or Xbox Series X|S features, as the app was focused on Xbox One connectivity.

The newer Xbox app may lack some features from the old one, however, Microsoft is likely to introduce updates to improve the user experience. Among the requested features are direct downloads for game capture and the ability to connect multiple Xbox controllers simultaneously. The app currently offers access to the latest PC Game Pass titles, and further improvements may attract more subscribers to the platform.

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