Microsoft debuts Windows 10 coding series for 'absolute beginners'

Staff Writer

Microsoft’s new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is extremely powerful because it allows the same code to work across many devices; from Raspberry Pi all the way up to Hololens. If you’ve ever wanted to have a go at writing an app but forget where to put curly brackets or semicolons in C#, then Microsoft has you covered. The company has released a video series for absolute beginners on Windows 10.
This series contains 80 videos that sees Bob Tabor guide viewers through the intricacies of coding Windows 10 apps in C#. It will be just like a classroom where Bob will “challenge you with exercises” and be that friendly face that guides you through the concepts and techniques of coding.
This is a great way to gently start coding for Windows 10 and who knows, maybe you’ll write the next killer Hololens app. If after completing the course your coding skills are better than the absolute beginner level, you may want to graduate to the Developer’s Guide to Windows 10.