Microsoft confirms it mistakenly put out a suspicious 'test' patch for Windows 7

Jonny Caldwell

Windows 7 Wallpaper

For those of you who use Windows 7 and have recently received a very suspicious looking Windows Update on your computer, rest easy. According to Microsoft there’s nothing to see here.
The update, which is titled with a just bunch of random characters, has caused Windows users to be reasonably concerned. A multitude of posts on various social media sites and forums are questioning the possibility of the Windows Update server being compromised.

Windows Update
Looks very suspicious, doesn’t it?

Microsoft has confirmed that the suspicious looking update was only a test update that was “incorrectly published”, and that they were in the process of removing the update from their servers.
It was also reported that the patches failed to install the vast majority of the time. We’re not sure if there was anything in the update or if it made any changes to Windows files, but one user has complained about frequent crashes and among other problems.
Have you received a suspicious-looking update on your Windows computer? What did you think when you saw it? Let us what you thought in the comments below!