Microsoft CFO confirms Call of Duty to remain multi-platform, exclusivity never considered

Pranav Bhardwaj

Call of Duty Vanguard video game on Xbox consoles

Microsoft’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Amy Hood, has addressed the ongoing legal battle between Microsoft and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by submitting a written declaration. In her statement, Hood clarified that the possibility of making the popular game franchise Call of Duty an exclusive title for Xbox consoles was never discussed or considered.

Hood emphasized the importance of forecasting future sales of Activision’s content on all platforms, including Sony’s PlayStation, as a crucial element in evaluating the company’s worth. She stated, “An essential component of that valuation was the [redacted] in forecasted total future sales of Activision’s content on all platforms, including continued sales of Call of Duty on Sony’s PlayStation.”

According to Hood, the potential exclusivity of Call of Duty to Xbox was not brought up during discussions with her or the Microsoft Board of Directors. She understood the significance of maintaining Call of Duty’s presence on other platforms and stated that the strategic rationale and financial valuation of the acquisition aimed to expand the availability of Activision games rather than restrict it.

Another key Microsoft executive involved in the case, Phil Spencer, the CEO of Microsoft Gaming, testified under oath before Judge Jaqueline Scott Corley last week. Spencer assured the court that Microsoft would continue to release Call of Duty games on PlayStation consoles as long as Sony permits their presence on the platform.

During his testimony, Spencer acknowledged the influential voice of gamers and expressed concerns about the potential damage to the Xbox brand if Call of Duty were to be removed from PlayStation. He affirmed his commitment to keeping the game on Sony’s platform, stating, “I would raise my hand, I would do whatever it takes. We have no plan. I’m making a commitment standing here that we will not pull Call of Duty, it is my testimony, from PlayStation.”

To further solidify their dedication, Microsoft signed a “binding 10-year legal agreement” in February, ensuring the availability of Call of Duty games on Nintendo platforms. They have extended the same offer to Sony, guaranteeing the presence of Call of Duty on PlayStation for the next decade.

As the legal proceedings continue between Microsoft and the FTC, these statements from top Microsoft executives seek to assure gamers and stakeholders that the company is committed to maintaining Call of Duty’s multi-platform availability, with no intentions of limiting its access to Xbox consoles.

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