Microsoft celebrates 6-months of AI-driven Bing and Its game-changing impact

Priya Walia

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Just six months in, and it’s a celebration galore over at Microsoft as the tech giant celebrates enormous success with its AI-driven search engine, Bing, and the Edge Browser. A recent blog post by the company gives a quick rundown of this incredible journey, with its innovative achievement too significant to be ignored.

A Billion Chats and 750 Million Images

Throughout its short existence, Bing’s AI-driven functionality has engaged users in countless unique and creative ways. Prominent among these figures are the 1 billion chats and over 750 million images that users have creatively interacted with on the platform. These impressive digits redefined how we perceive and utilize search engines, setting the stage for nine consecutive quarters of growth on Edge.

Bringing Out the Big Guns: Bing Image Creator

Microsoft wasn’t shy to boast about Bing’s iconic feature, the Bing Image Creator, powered by the latest DALL∙E models from partners at OpenAI. With AI at its helm, Bing Image Creator lets users translate their ideas into visual realities using nothing but their words.

Chat History: Preserving Your Previous Queries

Another beloved feature is Chat History, where previous chats and answers are saved for future reference. Through user feedback, Bing chat now preserves a history of conversations, making them accessible for later use on a dedicated “Recent Activity” tab.

Bing Mobile App: AI on the Go

The AI enhancements are not restricted to desktop use, as the Bing mobile app integrates all these features in one compact, portable package.

Windows Copilot: AI for PCs

With Windows Copilot, Windows becomes the first PC platform to offer centralized AI experiences. It integrates Bing Chat and allows users to focus more on creativity and less on navigating multiple apps.

Bing in SwiftKey: Anticipating Your Next Move

The world-renowned SwiftKey, known for its AI-powered predictive text feature, now integrates Bing in three ways: via Search, Chat, and Tone. This allows users to compose, translate, and even adjust the tone of messages powered by AI.

Integrated Browser System Soon!

Microsoft also teased integrating these AI-powered Bing features into third-party browsers on both the web and mobile. This next step promises more comprehensive access to AI-created images and answer summaries.