Some Microsoft Band owners are still experiencing sync problems, and Microsoft is still working to fix it

Arif Bacchus

For the past six days, some owners of the now discontinued Microsoft Band have been complaining of syncing issues with the Microsoft Health servers. Although many owners have taken to social media to vent their frustrations, Microsoft has remained relatively quiet and still not fixed the issue. Today, head of the Windows Insider Program, Dona Sakar, responded to one user complaint, saying that the company is aware of the issue and is investigating.

The frustrations from users are indeed very understandable. WIthout the ability to sync the data from the Microsoft Band to the Microsoft Health servers, the Band is not very useful. Essentially, some users who still own the Microsoft fitness band have not been able to see their sleep, step, or other detailed information the band provides on their smart phones or on the web from the Microsoft Health dashboard for the past week.

And, even from Dona Sakar’s tweet, it is still not clear why the syncing issues are happening in the first place, though one can assume it’s obviously a server problem. Microsoft discontinued the Microsoft Band about a year ago, but users who still own the band were still able to sync their data up until the past week.

No matter how big the problem is on Microsoft’s side of things, it is still upsetting to see that someone at Microsoft (and the company) has taken this long to even respond to the issue. We will be keeping an eye on this saga and will update you once things are back online. For now, let us know if you’ve experienced any issues by dropping us a comment below.