Microsoft Authenticator now lets you generate strong passwords

Arif Bacchus

It has been one year since Microsoft Autofill launched, and to celebrate, Microsoft is updating Microsoft Authenticator with a new ability to generate strong, unique passwords. The feature is available in the latest version of the app on iOS and Android.

For those unfamiliar, Microsoft Autofill is what unites all of your passwords and stores your passwords in the cloud through your Microsoft Account for use on Edge, mobile phones, as well as Google Chrome via a browser extension. The related app, Microsoft Authenticator can be used for managing those passwords, and it now has the new generation ability to help you stay secure online.

To try out this new password generator, you need to update your Microsoft Authenticator app to the latest version on iOS or Android.  Authenticator should then prompt you to use the feature when you create an account to change the password of an existing one. On iOS, you also can manually trigger it by clicking the ellipses button at the top right of the app, and choose password generator.  Meanwhile, on Android, tap the Passwords section, the (+) button, and choose Generate Password. You can save any passwords with the save icon and even name or copy them.