Microsoft Australia purportedly tweets about the Surface Phone, but we think not

Jack Wilkinson

Rumours of a Surface Phone have intensified recently, following our coverage of Microsoft dropping its Lumia range of Windows phones, while subsequently scheduling a Surface event in October and Microsoft’s own Director of Engineering, Laura Butler, directly mentioning the Surface Phone on Twitter – before deleting her tweets.

Now, MSMobile is showing an image that purportedly shows Microsoft Australia accidentally tweeting a promotional image of a new member to the Surface family – a mobile-looking device.

Microsoft Australia tweet purportedly shows off the Surface Phone

We’re unable to verify the legitimacy of the image, however, it does look fairly legitimate at face-value – using Microsoft’s branding as well as high-quality imagery embedded in the tweet. Looking at it a little more, though, leaves us wondering, as the headline text says: “New One in Surface family!,” it is not clear if MSMobile placed this on there themselves or if it is the apparent image that Microsoft tweeted. It would seem unlikely for Microsoft to tweet a promotional image with a headline such as that, as it includes incorrect capitalisation and doesn’t make much sense on its own. Another issue is, the image doesn’t show in the recent Photos sidebar on the profile, nor do we believe Microsoft would use the text “Soon! :)” as the main tweet.

Nonetheless, take this image with a fine pinch of salt and let us know what you think in the comments below!