GroupMe for Windows 10 could be gaining another method for sending and receiving documents

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft’s GroupMe messaging service seems to be the odd man out of the company’s overall communication strategy. With Skype carrying the lion share of Microsoft’s messaging future and LinkedIn and Yammer pulling up the rear, there seems to be little to no room for GroupMe to shine, yet the company continues to iterate the service and subsequent app platform.

According to a report from Italian based Windows focused Windowsblogitalia, Microsoft’s GroupMe messaging app will now allow users to send and receive documents when using the service on a Windows 10 powered device.

Granted, the report is written in Italian and may have some items lost in translation, but the blog managed to grab screenshot proof of the documentation sharing feature.

GroupMe document sharing
GroupMe document sharing

Understandably, the feature is in internal testing and eager GroupMe users should note that testing doesn’t always equate into an actual release.

However, the screenshot provided does show a feature that is rather flushed out and could be coming to the app soon.

We’ll keep our eyes posted towards the Windows Store and encourage tipsters to let us know if and when the feature reaches their devices.

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