Microsoft announces the Surface Studio

Dennis Bednarz

Microsoft is at it again, revolutionising the PC market with something unique and beautiful. The Surface Studio finally surfaced.

Microsofts Panos Panay just revealed the new member of the Surface family. The Studio is a new addition to the Pro and Book models of the Surface brand. This specific model is probably a direct competitor to the Apple iMac as the name suggests. Apple products are known for begin used by artists and creators worldwide and the Surface Studio together with the Creators Update are taking a shot at Apple’s monopoly in that regard.

The Surface Studio features a magnesium alloy just like all other Surface products, however, it is much bigger featuring a 28-inch PixelSense display featuring 63% more pixels than a 4K TV. The display includes the famous Gorilla Glass used in Smartphones and Tablets and the LCD is the thinnest ever for an all-in-one computer.

The display also features TrueColor which means that the colours of the LCD have been fine-tuned by Microsofts engineers to feature the best possible experience, however, oversaturation may look good but as creators often require neutral colours, there is a toggle especially to switch the display to sRGB.

The display seems to be the main focus of the device as we are not yet done with it. The Surface Studio also features True Scale which is a feature that makes all objects shown on the display the exactly same size as in real life. IF something is one inch in real life, IT will also be one inch on-screen.

It obviously includes Windows Hello for face recognition and an HD WebCamera for the best online conferencing experience.

For the gamer, there is built-in support for wireless Xbox controllers even if they aren’t Bluetooth-powered so if you happen to own an original Xbox One you can go ahead and play your favourite games straight away.

Talking about games, the desktop’s specifications are pretty appealing. PC also consumes only 270W of power even though it has a Nvidia GeForce 980M GPU paired with an Intel Core i7 processor and 32GB or GDDR4 RAM.