Microsoft announces the Surface Book i7

Michael Cottuli

The Surface Book was announced a year ago in New York, and absolutely blew everybody away. The idea that the concept of the Surface Pro could be brought into a heavy duty laptop was amazing, and brought in a whole lot more people to the Surface fan club. At the October event this year, Microsoft decided that they wanted to bring us a little something extra. The Surface Book i7 was announced, driving the Surface Book into its most powerful iteration yet.

The device has an Intel i7 processor, as you might imagine, and it has a few extra bells and whistles under the hood to make it even better. The big change that was highlighted on stage was a massive increases in battery life, bringing the product’s life up to 16 hours. Its announcement was preceded by talk about how gamers wanted “more FPS,” and how engineers wanted “no lag,” leading us to believe that it’s going to be a much better performing device than its predecessor. The device should be available for pre-order starting at $2,399 very soon, and it’s going to be launching in November.