Microsoft announces Azure Certified for IoT program

Dave W. Shanahan


About a year ago, Microsoft launched Azure Certified for Internet-of-Things (IoT) program to give customers a reliable way to make sure that its preferred IoT devices would work well with Azure’s IoT technology. Today, the Azure Certified for IoT program boasts more than 100 partners and 175 different Azure Certified for IoT devices.

Today, Microsoft announced the Azure Certified for IoT device catalog, making it even easier for customers to pick the Azure-certified IoT device. The Azure Certified for IoT device catalog will allow customers search through IoT devices based on their specific needs and get instructions on how to connect to Azure IoT Suite and Azure IoT Hub. Customers can also schedule IoT device demonstrations with manufacturers.

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Azure Certified for IoT catalog

Alternatively, IoT device manufacturers can use the device catalog to market their product for a global audience and gain more exposure to customers that are using Azure IoT business solutions. Microsoft will also give IoT device manufacturers feedback on their devices’ rating and interest in the catalog to help grow their customer base.

Microsoft invites you to become an Azure Certified for IoT program catalog partner. To expand the Azure Certified for IoT catalog, Microsoft is offering a $3,000 Azure credit to the first 25 partners that offer 10 IoT devices or more in the catalog.

If you are unsure about Azure and IoT in general, Microsoft Azure presents “The Maker Show,” which offers insight into the world of IoT, specifically focusing on services provided by using Azure IoT, and starter kits designed specifically for Azure IoT.–AQVVk

Check out Microsoft’s Azure Certified IoT program catalog for yourself.