Here are Microsoft’s 5 coolest videos from today’s Windows 10 Creator’s Update event

Michael Cottuli

Microsoft wrapped up its big event in New York this morning and left most Microsoft fans in awe. A flurry of announcements for both hardware and software in Microsoft’s future gave us all something to look forward to. It wouldn’t be a good Microsoft conference, however, without some incredible videos to give these announcements that extra bit of flair. Here are our favorites.

Microsoft’s conference revolved around creators – not just painters and musicians, but people who create anything. Whether you sit down at your computer to compose a symphony or create a great spreadsheet, Microsoft wants to celebrate your identity as a creator. This video does a great job of showing off their plan to empower creators of all kinds.


A lot of us tuned into this event to get some hardware news, and Microsoft delivered. While what we ended up getting wasn’t named the Surface Book 2, it might as well be. The Surface Book i7 does everything that made the original Surface Book great and does it all with bigger and better hardware. This clean-cut, nice-looking video gives us a look at one of the prettiest laptops that are on the market today.


This video can give you chills. Personally, I watched it about ten times after the conference. This serves as a fantastic introduction to the Surface Studio while giving a subtle nod to the new Surface Dial. The haunting rendition of Pure Imagination in the background ties the whole thing together, giving you a genuine feeling of artistry. This video might go down as one of the best ones that Microsoft has ever put out.


This takes a break from the more theatrical nature of the other videos and opts to give you a few testimonials. Hearing professionals talk about how the Surface Studio helps them do wonders to sell the device. Mix this praise with some upbeat instrumentals and a few great shots of the Studio at work, and you’ve got a solid ad.


If you don’t feel like dropping the money on any new hardware this year, you can still get excited about the Windows 10 Creator’s Update. The update is all about empowering creators of all kinds, and this video does wonders for that. From showcasing Groove Music Maker, to taking a look at the new streaming function from the Xbox Game Bar, to exploring Windows 10’s new fascination with 3d, this ad helps you get an idea of what the update is all about.