Microsoft and BBC Earth join to bring Frozen Planet II to Minecraft

Robert Collins

Microsoft and BBC Earth have partnered to bring Frozen Planet II content to Minecraft Education Edition. Given the game’s educational value, a crossover with BBC Earth’s acclaimed nature program seemed inevitable.

The result of the collaboration between Microsoft and BBC Studios is five free Minecraft Worlds. The first of these maps will be available for Minecraft: Education Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on September 21 over on the Minecraft Marketplace.

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These maps will allow players to explore icy habitats, and learn about the effects of climate change. Minecraft: Education Edition head Allison Mathews stated,

We’re excited to partner with BBC Studios in this unique venture – we’re bringing a whole new perspective to Minecraft and, collaborating with the great minds behind Frozen Planet II, a truly authentic experience of some of the most fascinating and important areas of our world. It’s never been more crucial to educate players everywhere about the effects of climate change and inspire a new generation of young people around sustainability. We believe it’s our responsibility to do so, and this partnership is the next big step in that direction.

And as you explore what this exciting collaboration has to offer in the game, be sure to check out Frozen Planet II over on BBC.

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