Microsoft Account to receive enhanced security and recovery features

Zac Bowden

Microsoft Account

Microsoft accounts are being used in a number of different ways these days. It’s usually the thing that ties everything Microsoft together, whether it be your Windows 8 PC or Xbox, it’s all tied together via a Microsoft account. Today, a new report is claiming that Microsoft is set to up the pace with enhanced security and recovery features for each Microsoft Account, making it easier to see when and where you logged in, as well as other cool features.

New features include Recent account activity, recovery options, and security notifications. Account activity will display your account across everything you have it linked too, where you logged in and at what time, on what machine. With this feature, users will be able to report and suspicious activity with their account.

Account recovery will make it easy for users to recover a lost account with Recovery Codes. These Recovery Codes will me unique to each account, and will have to be kept safe by the user. If your account is ever lost, just enter the Recover Code and you’ve got access to your account again.

Check out the VIA link below for a full rundown of all the new features which are rumored to be coming to Microsoft Accounts.