Messaging + Skype on mobile and PCs converging further with Redstone build 14279

Kareem Anderson

As the Windows team released its Windows 10 Redstone Insider preview build 14279, reports are rolling in that the build brings with it improvements to the Messaging + Skype app for PCs. Windows Insiders are now experiencing a messaging history sync that spans both their mobile devices and PCs. Insiders who have chosen to backup their SMS messaging on their mobile devices (Windows Phone 8 included) are now greeted with their SMS history in the Messaging + Skype app on Windows 10 PCs.

Since the January reveal of Window s 10 back in 2015, some Windows users have been waiting for the converged messaging experience Microsoft so leisurely glossed over during its presentation. The company showcased a slide and spent a hair over two minutes covering the “soon-to-be” integration of Skype plus its crafted messaging app into Windows 10, resulting in a Google Hangouts or iMessage-like experience for Windows users.

Now, with two massive operating system upgrades, countless Insider builds in the can and a year under their belt, it appears the Windows team is drawing ever closer to the messaging offer it once proclaimed.

To test out the new feature, head over to your Update Settings and check for Windows 10 Redstone Insider build preview 14279. Once updated, visit the Messaging + Skype app on both PC and mobile to ensure the backup feature has been enabling. From there, the app should populate automatically.

Unfortunately, it appears to be a one-way street with the functionality of the app. Messages, images, and gif’s can be seen from the PC version of the app, but cannot be sent out. Perhaps another Insider release will help to polish the experience sooner rather than later.

Thanks to WinBeta reader Ethan A. for the tip!