New Office 365 admin center promises easier and simpler administration

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Today the Office 365 team has announced the introduction of the Office 365 admin center. First previewed back in September, the new admin center has been created to help provide more effective and easier management of Office 365 and your users.

Office 365 Admin Center

Let’s take a look at the newest features:

  • Discover-able and Simple: The new admin center simplifies all the tasks you need to tackle, by presenting them directly on the dashboard for quick and easy access.
Office 365 Admin Center
  • Search: This feature allows you quick access to features, users, documents, tasks that you are looking for, with more being implemented in the future.
  • Reporting: With the ability to track usage across all applications, this feature gives you access to information regarding your users, how they are utilizing Office 365, subscriptions, email traffic, Office activation’s and more. A future update will introduce reports for OneDrive, Yammer, SharePoint and Skype for Business.
Office 365 Admin Center: Reporting

Over the next few weeks, the Office 365 admin dashboard will roll out to users as a default experience, with access to the old layout while you familiarize yourself with the new look. Features highlighted in this update will also gradually roll out to users.

In addition, the Office team highlighted two other new functions what will arrive soon for the admin center. Customization is a future feature that will allow admins to customize their dashboard to better fit their roles within organizations and the information they need most. Contextual Help is a feature that will help you understand new functions and abilities of the admin center, by providing valuable information on features, tasks and tips on taking advantage of the admin centers abilities.

Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription will continue to see new updates and features added, with the help of consumer voices and opinions for new features. For a detailed look at future updates and ones past, be sure to check out the Office 365 Road Map and let us know in the comments how the new admin center will benefit your workload in your organization.