This may be the first Android app ported to Windows 10 Mobile (with video)

Sean Michael

Samsung phone

There are many projects that allow developers to use various types of coding to make Windows 10 apps. Project Westminster, for website code porting is already available and Project Islandwood, for iOS porting is on the way and will be open source. The next major porting tool will be Project Astoria which allows developers to port apps from Android to Windows 10 Mobile with very few code changes. While Project Astoria is not yet available publicly, we may have images of an app using it to port an Android app to Windows 10 Mobile.

Chinese site Weibo (via WMPowerUser) has released images of what appear to be a ported Android app. The icons of the apps (the Google Play version can be found here) appear to be the same, as well as the overall themes of the app, finance. These images aren’t yet confirmed but do appear to be accurate.

Android app on Windows 10 Mobile 1

Further solidifying this port. There is a video showing off the app as well.

We’ve seen many leaks come from China and it wouldn’t be the first time that something like this broke from over there.

Android app on Windows 10 Mobile 2

This app does seem to have more of an Android look to it, though having never used the app it’s hard to tell.

Android app on Windows 10 Mobile 3

Porting Android apps, in addition to the other methods of porting, is a major step from Microsoft. They hope that developers will put their apps onto Microsoft’s newest platform and make the app gap a thing of the past.