Mastodon’s usage plummets to 1.4 million active users

Kevin Okemwa


After Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover, a significant number of users transitioned from the platform and move to Mastodon. The platform experienced steady growth as the number of active users continued to grow, hitting a peak of 2.5 million active users in December.

However, Mastodon’s hype seems to have been short-lived as the number of active users has significantly dropped to 1.4 million. While it is difficult to establish the exact cause of this, it is apparent that the platform is quite difficult to use. What’s more, it might be difficult to establish interaction and even find content that resonates with you.

It will be interesting to see the trajectory Mastodon takes in the next couple of months and whether it will be able to turn things around and attract more users. Twitter on the other hand is well below Elon’s 50% revenue mark, as the platform’s active subscriptions are reportedly at 290,000.

Elon’s intention is to generate $3 billion revenue from the platform, Per the current subscriptions, the annual revenue stands at $28 million which translates to less than 1% of the $3 billion revenue target.

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