This neat Edge feature will allow you to access its menus easily

Kevin Okemwa

Edge Insider

Microsoft has been incorporating a plethora of features into its browser Edge all designed to enhance its user experience. While all these enhancements are well received by users, they may at times pause a challenge when it comes to accessibility.

With each added feature, the browser’s menu continues to get bigger thus forcing the user to scroll down to access a particular feature. This hinders productivity and disrupts both effectiveness and efficiency. But this might no longer be the case as spotted by Reddit user Leopeva64-2.

The latest Edge Canary update rolled out with a neat feature that makes the browser’s menu more accessible by making it more compact. To achieve this, Microsoft has moved some of the “less popular” tools and features to the More tools sub-menu.

Per the GIF shared by the Reddit user, the sub-menu features a couple of tools such as Read aloud, Battery, and Collections which allows you to save images and videos while using the browser in categories.

The feature is currently in the testing phase and only Edge Canary can access it. Microsoft is likely to make more improvements before releasing it as an update in the future, if ever. In related news, Microsoft unveiled the new Bing which is said to be an AI-powered copilot for the web, though in limited preview.

via: Neowin