Marvel’s Deadpool is finally coming to the Fortnite video game today

Brad Stephenson

Deadpool’s arrival in the popular Fortnite video game has been teased ever since the start of Chapter 2 Season 2 with his appearance in the season trailer, his small in-game presence within the menu, and his mini weekly challenges.

After weeks of waiting, the Marvel character is finally ready to debut properly within Fortnite today with a major presence on the map and the opportunity to unlock at least two Deadpool skins.

Exact details are still unknown but several leaks have shown that the character will be getting both his masked and unmasked appearances, some new weapons, and a new song to unlock by visiting his recently obtained yacht.

Deadpool’s addition to Fortnite right now is a rather odd one as tie-ins like this are usually timed to coincide with a major promotional push for a movie or other product. A load of Star Wars content was added to Fortnite in December around the release of The Rise of Skywalker for example.

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