Lumia Selfie now supports Bluetooth selfie sticks for Windows 10 users

Sean Michael

There’s an entire word dedicated to taking photos of yourself, selfie. There’s an entire app dedicated to taking selfies, Lumia Selfie. And now, within Lumia Selfie there is support for a dedicated tool for taking selfies, the Bluetooth selfie stick. As part of the latest update to Lumia Selfie, the app receives Bluetooth support for taking photos with selfie sticks, though the feature is only supported on Windows 10 devices.
Microsoft is a big fan of selfies. They’ve set the world record for the largest number of people within a selfie (1,151) and many of their phones have 5MP front facing cameras which are highly marketable to individuals looking to share photos of themselves and where they’ve been. Lumia Selfie is Microsoft’s own app with selfie centered features such as a timer, cropping, flip, flash, and more.
Selfie sticks allow users to take photos of themselves or groups with a much wider viewing angle and having Bluetooth allows optimal photo taking from the end of the selfie stick. They also can be used to create the illusion that someone else took the photo if used properly. With high quality front facing cameras showing up in more and more Lumias, the photo quality of long distance selfies using a selfie stick remains high, and that’s important for many front facing photographers.
Windows 10 Mobile is not officially available but a new preview build was released yesterday to users on the Windows 10 Insider Preview. Many speculate that Windows 10 Mobile will RTM (release to manufacturers) and be finished in the coming months so it’s not odd to see apps receive updates in preparation for the upgrade.