Lumia 650 February unveil might be delayed due to “last minute software issues”

Mark Coppock


Rumors have been swirling around the future of Microsoft’s Lumia line of smartphones, the possibility of a Surface phone, and more. Information about the upcoming Lumia 650, however, has firmed up recently, even though rumors such as a February 1 announcement date continue to circulate. Today, Windows Central learned from sources that the Lumia 650 release date has been pushed to mid-February.

Allegedly, “last minute software/firmware issues” are the reason for the delay. Windows Central goes on to point out that Mobile World Congress is starting on February 22, and that such issues imply even more strongly that Microsoft could have little involvement with the year’s most visible smartphone event.

We’ll be keeping our eyes open for more information on the Lumia line, the Surface phone, and Microsoft’s mobile strategy in general. With the company continuing with its aggressive cross-platform efforts and with so much information and disinformation swirling around Microsoft’s own smartphone efforts, we’re just not sure what that company hopes to accomplish. So many moving parts make predicting the future of the Windows 10 Mobile platform a difficult prospect indeed.