SwappyDots for Windows Phone puts a new spin on Candy Crush

Kareem Anderson

Meet SwappyDots, the new visually minimalistic cross-platform puzzler landing on Windows Phones. Developers Code2Game from Budapest, Hungary are finally bringing their game over to the Windows Store for avid mobile gamers. Over the past few months, the Windows Phone store has been adding several new titles to its roster that include RPG’s, tower defense strategy games, first person shooters and various platformers. SwappyDots, however, will be adding to the Store’s increasing list of puzzlers, but with a unique twist on the match-3 puzzle scheme.

According to the game developers, “SwappyDots is not a classic match-3 puzzle game: unlike similar games in the genre color matching is achieved by swapping the dots with the hole, as opposed to swapping with other dots. It may seem just a small difference but the result is a totally unique and outstanding game.”

SwappyDots is about creating 3 or more color matches on a grid. In the original Time- and Step-modes of play, you needed 4 or more color matches to get bonus dots, and matches with the bonus dots offered extra time or additional moves and black dots. Matching the black dots created score multipliers. In the new Lightning-Step and Lightning-Time modes of play, it is enough to get three color matches to achieve bonus dots, and because the initial number of moves has been raised from 60 to 90, matching bonus dots no longer offers additional time or moves. Score multipliers are still possible by matching black dots. The addition of Lightning mode adds more fun and further challenges to an already excellent game with its faster gameplay, higher scores, and effects. “


The game also includes a few nifty features such as four playable game modes, intuitive swipe controls, and an unusual color-blind mode to up the difficulty level for the most seasoned match-3 game players.

SwappyDots has been available on iOS and Android for a little while but makes its debut in the Windows Store this week. Head over to the Store to try out the new game.

Developer: code2game
Price: Free