Looking for tips on how to become a Microsoft intern? There’s a FAQ for that

Kit McDonald

Is getting an internship at Microsoft your dream job? The company asked their social media followers exactly what they would ask a university recruiter. Many of the questions were combined into a convenient blog post over at Microsoft Jobs.

The FAQ answered common questions that some potentials might find themselves confused about. Microsoft encouraged applicants to apply earlier in the year, rather than later, and to make sure to include all important dates and information–a mistake that many people seem to forget!  The FAQ also covers topics such as interning from out of the United States, how to follow up on the status of an application, and how to get in touch with a recruiter.

Microsoft has always had a soft spot for expanding education for the youth of today. Throughout the UK, Microsoft and Risual teamed up to bring five new academies to bridge the digital skills gap. Likewise, the company put together a list of resource, inspiration, and advice to help college graduates aiming for their dream job in technology.

The company is always posting more job listings on the Microsoft Careers website, and you can keep up to date through their Facebook and Twitter feeds. Let us know in the comments if you plan to apply for a Microsoft internship.