Australian Department of Human Services rolls out more than 6,000 Surface Pro 4 devices

Mark Coppock

Microsoft’s Surface line of Windows 10 hybrids has gained some traction in governments around the world, including the Department of Defense in the U.S., due in large part to the security inherent in Windows 10 and likely some aggressive backroom dealing on Microsoft’s part to provide some attractive volume pricing.

Most recently, the Australian Department of Human Services has chosen IT services provider Ethan Group to roll out more than 6,000 Surface Pro 4 machines. According to CRN (via Windows Central), the deal is worth $13.8 million, and includes a number of accessories such as the Surface docking station and various services and software.

As CRN notes:

A department spokesperson told CRN the devices were purchased under the Department of Finance’s whole-of-government desktop hardware panel, with Ethan Group the preferred panellist at the time.

The panel was established in 2010 as the centrepiece of the department’s co-ordinated procurement scheme. Federal government departments are required to procure hardware from one of the panel members, who have agreed to pricing provisions in exchange for membership.

It’s credited with bringing the average price paid by the government down from 55 percent above the Australian benchmark to 50 percent below it.

We’re always happy to see large numbers of Windows 10 machines, and Surface devices specifically, getting rolled out in the wild. Deals like this contribute significantly to Microsoft’s goal of a billion Windows 10 machines, even if Microsoft itself is less than confident in their ability to hit their goal in a timely fashion.