Looking for a cool PhD internship? The Windows Mixed Reality team is looking for you

Arif Bacchus

If you’re looking for a cool PhD internship, the Windows Mixed Reality team may be looking for you too. Microsoft has announced that starting July 2018, the company will be hosting PhD interns in the Windows Mixed Reality research team in Redmond, Washington.  Interns will have the chance to work on HoloLens and also help shape the future of Windows Mixed Reality.

Microsoft is looking for PhD candidates with strong mathematical and engineering skills, and candidates who may be experts in computer vision and machine learning. Ideal candidates should also have knowledge of C/C++, as well as Python/Matlab/Julia.

There’s no deadline for now, but spaces may fill up quickly, so it’s best to apply by checking here. It may be best to include letters of reference, as Microsoft says this will strengthen your application. The internship can also lead to published research, but Microsoft says it will focus primarily on making systems that really work via fundamental research.