Skype Interviews adds a Shared Whiteboard for better collaboration

Laurent Giret

Last year, Microsoft unveiled Skype Interviews, a browser-based tool for recruiters that comes with a real-time code editor for coding interviews. After listening to user feedback, the company is expanding the set of interactive tools with the addition of a digital whiteboard shared between the interviewer and candidate.

“The real-time digital whiteboard makes interviews overall a more collaborative experience—one where the participants will able to visualize their thoughts and ideas, and read back key takeaways after the fact,” the Skype team explained. When using Skype Interviews, the new digital whiteboard will be accessible from the sidebar. It comes with a Pencil and various Shape tools, and recruiters can also save a copy of the whiteboard at the end of the interview.Skype interview whiteboard 4

“Our goal to make Skype Interviews the universally accepted tool for all video call interviews—regardless of distance, technical, or non-technical—pushed us to innovate further,” the Skype team said today. Skype Interviews remains in preview for now, and calling capabilities are still only supported on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.