Long awaited Microsoft Teams integration with the Windows 10 Action Center is now in internal testing

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Teams

If you use the Microsoft Teams app on Windows 10, you’re probably familiar with the way it handles notifications. Instead of leveraging the native Windows 10 Action Center, it uses on its own banners that appear at the bottom right side of the screen. Well, soon Teams might finally get the Action Center integration it deserves, as the feature is apparently being tested internally with Microsoft.

To no surprise, this is something that Microsoft long has worked on. According to a February 2020 Microsoft response to a Teams Uservoice post, the feature was one that Microsoft has been testing in the Teams app on Windows 10 for several months. In perhaps a reason as to why it took so long, Microsoft explains that although many people have asked for this feature, other users have also said that they prefer the Teams notifications and don’t want them changed.

Anyway, it looks as though Microsoft has finally listened up. Once the feature leaves internal testing at Microsoft, there could be a setting that allows users to toggle an option under Notification Styles in settings to keep the classic banners or integrate all Teams notifications on Windows 10 with the Action Center.

There’s obviously no timeframe for when we can expect this feature, as Microsoft just says “we will update you as soon as work progresses.” In the meantime, if you do want Action Center notifications with Teams now, there is a workaround. Instead of using the dedicated Teams app on Windows 10, you can visit the web app instead and say “yes” as it loads and when prompted if you want Teams to send notifications.

When a notification comes up, it will send out a message to your Action Center. This integrates with all the major web browsers like Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Many other websites support it too, like YouTube, Twitter, and even Slack.

Judging from the comments section in the Uservoice post, a lot of people seem to be happy that Action Center integration is on the way for the main Teams app on Windows 10. We’re one of them too, as it was on our list of features that Slack has that Microsoft Teams desperately needs.