Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to provide $3.7 million in COVID-19 grants in Seattle area

Dave W. Shanahan

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated $3.7 million in COVID-19 grants to help support the Seattle area. As noted in a post on GeekWire, this funding is part of the $5 million donation already being donated to the Seattle region.

In a statement on The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation website, the money will be put to good use and make sure that the money goes to those who need it most, $1 million in funding will help Public Health – Seattle & King County (PH-SKC) provide accurate and up-to-date information so the public can take appropriate measures to help prevent further spread of coronavirus. In addition, the funding may also help to set up temporary housing or support complementary services for non-severe patients and people experiencing homelessness.

“The pandemic feels like a universal experience, but we have to recognize that not all of us will experience it equally. By supporting local community response efforts, we can help make sure that, in this moment of crisis, we’re not leaving the most vulnerable behind.

Worldwide, the coronavirus has infected more than 420,000 people with more than 19,000 fatalities. In Seattle & King County alone, confirmed cases of coronavirus rose 9% in the past day to 1,277 people, with 94 fatalities. Be sure to continue to follow the guidelines set out by medical professionals; stay inside and practice safe social distancing practices.

What other ways can The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation help their community fight against the coronavirus? Let us know in the comments.