LinkedIn profile hints at open source elements for upcoming Windows Core OS

Laurent Giret

Windows Core OS, the new modular version of Windows 10 intended to run on foldable devices and other new form factors could well have some open source components. This is what is suggested by  LinkedIn profile of a Security Program Manager, which was discovered by Twitter user DriversCloud (via WalkingCat).

According to this LinkedIn profile, Microsoft has a “Confidential Program requiring Machine Learning/Data Science knowledge and Program Management skillset to ensure the Security of Windows Core OS from malicious actors and code.” The following bit is even more interesting, as this employee says that he “Improved the security posture of Windows Open Source Components through initiatives that investigate vulnerabilities found and establish a process for remediation.”

Microsoft has really embraced open source in recent years, becoming a major contributor on GitHub before eventually purchasing the web-based hosting service. It would be really interesting if Windows Core OS does include open source elements, though this wouldn’t be the first time that Microsoft surprises us on the OS front. As you may recall, Azure Sphere, a new IoT security solution that Microsoft announced back in April 2018 is already based on a Linux-based OS.

Microsoft only showed Windows Core OS running on the next-gen Surface Hub so far, though the company never really went into specifics about this new operating system. Hopefully, we shoud learn more about Windows Core OS at the company’s Build developer conference in May, and maybe even earlier than that. The next-gen HoloLens, which Microsoft is expected to announce at Mobile World Congress next month could well be the first device shipping with Windows Core OS.