LinkedIn joins Microsoft’s open source fray, releases tool for testing iOS apps

Laurent Giret

LinkedIn logo

LinkedIn has announced today that it is open sourcing Bluepill, a tool that it developed to run iOS UI tests in multiple simulators on a single machine. The iOS UI test runner was initially created to improve the process of deploying new updates to the LinkedIn app, and the company claims that “Bluepill has saved LinkedIn thousands of developer hours.”

As the company explained, Bluepill is much more efficient than Apple’s integrated development environment (IDE) Xcode, which only supports one simulator at a time. “In the case of the LinkedIn app, which has around 2,000 UI tests, this would take about 15 hours. In order to achieve a commit-to-publish time under three hours, we must run the tests in parallel,” the company explained.

LinkedIN bluepill demo
LinkedIn Bluepill demo.

Bluepill is written in Objective-C, and the code has been open sourced under the under the BSD 2-Clause license. You can get more formation about it in the Github repository.